Jennifer - Corporate Entertainment Coordinator

Our Corporate Christmas Party was a huge success - a big piece of why it was, had to do with the amazing band, IN2U. Their professionalism, amazing mix of music, willingness to accommodate requests and have even a few of the employees "jam" with them... made for an evening that few will forget!

Deanna Shore

Lead Vocalist, Front Person, Guitarist - Founder of IN2U, Deanna is often out in the crowd, urging the audience into a Sing-along. Deanna also fronts the IN2U Duo

David Cross

Lead Guitarist, Vocalist - has played with many artists over the last 30 years. Jeff Healey, Marshall Dane, Heather Smith, Shawn Brush, Susie McGregor, The Barncats, Groove Corporation. David Cross Website

Joe Tanashian

Bassist, Lead Vocalist - Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and has a wide vocal range. He is part of the Acousticrats Duo with David, and has played with numerous bands

Dan Corak

Drummer, Vocalist - Dan has performed with an extensive list of bands in the Hamilton Area, and is well-versed in a wide variety of styles